Thursday, 9 May 2013

Farewell to the Deflating Bride

It has taken me just over a month, but I am finally getting around to saying farewell to my old blog, the deflating bride and hello to my new blog.  I am saying farewell to my old blog, not because I am deflated and now swanning around with a UK size 8 swinging off my hips and complaining its SO HARD to get anything to fit my new trim figure... but because I am now no longer a bride in need of deflation,  I am just in need of deflation. 

The purpose of the old blog was to keep me focused on my weight loss for the wedding and, for the most part, it really did.  But it also helped me to laugh at myself, vent and get some things off my chest.  So I am incredibly grateful for all that. 

So goodbye Bride!! Say hello to the Wife!

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