Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 3 living in Slimming World

Day 3 has come to an end.  I got a phone call from my leader to see how I was settling in to my new world, but I had to call her back cause I was suppin on leek and potato soup and munching on home made coleslaw. That's right, I made my own coleslaw and I am happy to report that it tastes almost as nice as the full fat mayo laden shop bought deliciousness.

I am still highly skeptical but keeping going. Essentially, as long as I eat fruit and veg with every meal I will loose weight.  The hard core inner weight watcher in me is having panic attacks at my casual unweighed rice and pasta.  She's practically seizing everytime I eat a spud with blatant disregard for its carbohydrate-ness!  But I will soldier on.

I will say one thing, I am eating far more veg than ever before. Granted most of its raw, but eating it nonetheless.

Tomorrow is a bit of a conundrum though. It is the first time I go out for dinner. .. I am heading for Thai food... need to resist the Paanang Curry with all my might because no matter what diet your doing it is one meal that's never gonna fly. ..

Weigh day is in T minus 4 days... I hope the scales doesn't explode!!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Trying something new....

I have struggled with getting myself back to my pre-wedding motivated state. It's been damn near impossible and all I keep doing is munching and munching and very little moving. So I decided that I needed something to kickstart myself and excite myself again (that would also result in me loosing the half stone I've gained since the wedding, plus a lot extra!). So I'm doing something new. I have joined Slimming World.

It took every ounce of willpower I posses to get my backside out to that class.  A lot of internal dialogue, "Lie Down, have a nap and some pre-nap chocolate!", "Don't you dare sit on that couch, we'll never get off it!", "Go on, sit on the couch, have some chocolate", "Stay away from the bloody chocolate, get off the couch and go do this!"... it's very hard listening to myself argue. Because I'm always right and each side had it's merits... Eventually, I couldn't listen to myself anymore and decided I'd come back and make friends with the couch (and chocolate) after the class...

Before I continue, I apologise profusely to my wonderful Weight Watcher's leader who has tried and tried in vain to get me to return to the fold.  I just feel like it is time to give something else a shot because I've gotten complacent and lazy with the Weight Watchers way.

Anyway. I joined my new class on Monday. I am highly skeptical.  Highly.  I think it's because I still have my WW head on me and have to adapt to the new way of things.  Essentially, I can eat all the pasta, potatoes, rice and cous cous my carbohydrate loving heart desires, as long as I fill 1/3 of my plate with vegtables.  I have to remind myself that in order for this to be effective I actually have to EAT the veg that's on the plate, consumption by osmosis does not occur and simply having them on the plate does not a skinny girl make!

There are Syns. Again, not all that sure on how this is working. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a brutal Synner... but we will see.

I have decided that I am going to give this 4 weeks to see how I go. If it works, which by all accounts it does, then happy days. If not, back to the drawing board - hopefully not a ten ton tessie from all the non-weighed pasta etc....

As for moving... well I was doing grand last week, moved a fair bit by walking into work and it was going well.  But I think i pooped myself out with all my walking last week because this week all I want to do is sleep. Really sleep. Like right now, I think if I rested my head on my desk I'd be out for the count snoring my beak off dreaming of Syns... So I need to get myself back moving. Especially if I am going to eat unlimited carbs.

I am being told that I should loose at least 3lbs this week. I don't know. Maybe I will. I am doubtful, not just because I am struggling to get the plan down, but because myself and himself are heading out for a bit of dinner in the loveliest, tastiest Thai restaurant in town. Literally, it's the stuff Thai Food Dreams are made of.  And as much as I like to think that I am going to go in there and order something good, chances are I'll order something great like Beef in Red Wine Sauce, or Paanang Curry...

Here's to new beginnings...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Thought for Today

Sometimes we need to read between the lines or try to see what's not being said....

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello? Will you be my Friend?

This is what I want to say all day today and yesterday and most likely for the next two to three weeks... why am I desperate for friends? All mine left me
... actually, that's not true. But, I did leave my job for pastures new and while its exciting and challenging and good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, I wish adults could be like kids in a play ground. You know? Hey you, kid over there licking the stones, will you be my friend and help me eat the sand. We will be bff's forever and you won't have to lick stones alone and I wont have to eat sand alone... but it's not like that is it?

Instead, its awkward standing around wondering if you should ask can you go for tea with the group or hoping you don't have to sit on your own at lunch like a big new person... and worst of all, not knowing where the bathroom is and accidently asking where the jacks are.... great first impression rach! Real smooth!

I am not exactly the most shy and awkward type, so you would think that being a newbie wouldn't really bother me. But I just get so socially awkward when I am new. I blurt out random things, or else I say nothing at all like a mute so that when I finally relax and find my feet and start chatting they realise that I am not a mute and, in actual fact,  its impossible to shut me the heck up!!!

Thankfully, so far, day two has gone well and everyone has been really nice and not left me eating alone like the lonely newbie... times like these I wish I could speed up time to a couple of weeks away when I have settled in....