Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello? Will you be my Friend?

This is what I want to say all day today and yesterday and most likely for the next two to three weeks... why am I desperate for friends? All mine left me
... actually, that's not true. But, I did leave my job for pastures new and while its exciting and challenging and good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, I wish adults could be like kids in a play ground. You know? Hey you, kid over there licking the stones, will you be my friend and help me eat the sand. We will be bff's forever and you won't have to lick stones alone and I wont have to eat sand alone... but it's not like that is it?

Instead, its awkward standing around wondering if you should ask can you go for tea with the group or hoping you don't have to sit on your own at lunch like a big new person... and worst of all, not knowing where the bathroom is and accidently asking where the jacks are.... great first impression rach! Real smooth!

I am not exactly the most shy and awkward type, so you would think that being a newbie wouldn't really bother me. But I just get so socially awkward when I am new. I blurt out random things, or else I say nothing at all like a mute so that when I finally relax and find my feet and start chatting they realise that I am not a mute and, in actual fact,  its impossible to shut me the heck up!!!

Thankfully, so far, day two has gone well and everyone has been really nice and not left me eating alone like the lonely newbie... times like these I wish I could speed up time to a couple of weeks away when I have settled in....

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