Thursday, 27 February 2014

Keeping myself Busy

Ah pregnancy... The joys of creating life, caution! Beware of unspoken side effects..

As I previously mentioned, pregnancy has been a revelation to me, as I am sure it has been to every other mum out there. I think pregnant women fall in to two categories, those that love and revel in all the wonders of the experience and those that don't! I fall into the latter category. Which came as a surprise! I was only dying to get pregnant after we got married so I expected that I would love it all! Shout it from the roof tops. Proudly display my growing bump and offer it to all to have a little rub of. 

I don't feel that way at all!

Before I go any further, let me just say that while I haven't loved pregnancy, I am very happy and very excited about what comes at the end of it. No, not the huffing, panting and, if I am to believe some people, window shattering screaming, but the little baby! To me, it's a means to an end and well worth experiencing!

What I found most peculiar is that it really does all seem to be a conspiracy. I think that at the end of the pregnancy, before they hand me over my little baby, "they" will make me sign a non-disclosure agreement forcing me to keep all things undesirable a secret from other women...

What secrets am I speaking of? Well, at the moment I have been signed off work for the remainder of the pregnancy because I have a condition called SPD. It is basically a softening of the pelvis which makes walking, climbing the stairs, sitting down, standing up, rolling over in bed very difficult and sometimes a little on the painful side. And by painful I mean there have been nights, as I try to roll my sizeable self from left to right, that I have been fairly sure my pelvis is about to split in two! By Jaysus does it hurt! But then other days it's grand and I can waddle about with minimal pain but lots of discomfort! 

So, taking into account my poor movement, I have been trying to find ways to stop myself loosing my mind.  The weight watcher in me was less than pleased that I had taken a liking to baking. And I was getting good at it too - too good if I am honest! Every evening himself came home to something new... Red velvet cup cakes, chocolate brownies, ginger biscuits, lemon Drizzel cake - which was so lemony and delicious that it made your cheeks squeak!! And loaves and loaves of bread.

Alas, himself had to sit me down and plead with me to cease and desist with the baking! I reasoned that as he was partly to blame for my current shapely shape, he too should also gain a little tummy so as to make me look small and dainty... He didn't bite! So I took on board what he said and decided it was in everyone's best interests to find another hobby. And also, all the standing was flippin killing me hips!

So I have found my new hobby! 

I have started knitting! I have my supplies and I am attempting a baby blanket.

Here is how it is going so far...

Casting on my stitches

And we're off

I shall keep you posted on my progress!

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