Saturday, 22 March 2014

Week 38 and I am impatient...

We are now at week 38. Two more weeks officially left. But, then again, I could also have four more weeks if this Baba is refusing to be cooperative!

Mother Nature is really fantastic! Let me take you back about 20 weeks... Back to a time when I could reach my feet to put my socks on, easily get off the couch and  never had to worry about heartburn.

Back then, my bestie was preparing for the big L. It was nearing her time and she had come through the "fear of it" stage and was now happily sitting in the "it has to come out so feck it" stage. I naively thought that I was also at that stage.

I am the kind of person that likes to know exactly what's coming down the track. When I got pregnant, I bought my What to Expect When Expecting book, downloaded all the apps and spent many a happy hour reading all the fascinating things that I was going to experience. (There's very little in these various materials that warn you of the need for a winch to get off the couch or that your shoes are probably not going to fit you!) Being of the opinion that knowledge is power, I decided that I was ready to find out what to expect when L Day arrives! 

I couldn't have been more wrong! I was not ready to know. Himself arrived up to the room to check on me only to find me lying in the bed hyperventilating with my book open on a page that described how to deliver the baby yourself in the event of an emergency and pictures of the various positions a woman can give birth in. I was having a feckin panic attack! Who knew that there were "options" for giving birth? I most certainly didn't! Himself took the book from me and we made a joint decision that, from that day forward I would employ a less is more approach. The less I knew the better and I'll just go into L Day blind! 

The reason I think Mother Nature is amazing? Well, here I am at 38 weeks pregnant and I can hand on heart say I have arrived at the "it has to come out so feck it" stage. I am no longer hyperventilating and if they tell me to stand on my head in order to get this baby out, so be it - although i do realise that standing on my head would be counter productive, gravity is apparently a great help during the Big Push.

So here I sit, bouncing on my pregnancy ball for the millionth time since 530am today, sipping on my second cup of raspberry leaf tea and googling ways to bring on labour in the hopes that it will prevent me being overdue! By the way, I wasn't up at 530am for any reason. I was just awake, uncomfortable and couldn't get back to sleep! So I spent nearly 4 hours crotcheting while waiting for Himself to wake up. And yes, I said crotcheting. Apparently, pregnancy has turned this wild boozey lady into a granny....

All prayers, lit candles, spells, voodoo and tips to bring this baby out into the world are greatly accepted and appreciated. Unless you tell me to be patient. In which case, feck off!

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