Monday, 7 April 2014

40 Weeks, 3 Days

Here I am. How am I? Well, I am, rather noticeably, still bloody pregnant! Apparently my darling little bundle of
Joy got his/her fathers genes in the time keeping department! And also may have got his/her fathers teasing gene!! 

As I am now 3 days overdue, I have become hyper aware of my body. Every twinge, every ache and every single noise has become a "sign"... I am in and out of the bathroom like a mad woman and have myself convinced that every widdle I have is actually my waters breaking.

Every time the Braxton hicks / false hope start up, I get excited. Which is so foolish of me because I've been having false hope for weeks now - I know what they feel like. But even though I know it's Braxton Hicks, I get a bit excited. Start my timing. It all fades to nothing. The baby then does a little roll and a little kick which I take as a "haha! Fooled you. Think I'll stay here a little longer". There is a good possibility that this baby knows I will torment it once it's here (in a good loving way) and it's his trying to get as much of it's own back while it can!

But then there's dealing with the hope that springs eternal in the eyes of my entourage! Them being Himself and my parents! My poor parents decided to come down from Donegal to spend the Due Date Weekend with us in the hopes that they would be in the thick of it when everything got moving. The poor divils! Every time I wince from a pelvic pain or even just a wind pain, the hope on their faces makes me feel so bad for them. I think my womb has stage fright! And did you ever just know what was going to happen next? I know what's goin to happen!

My poor parents will leave me today and just as they pull up outside their house, after a 3 and half hour journey, I'll ring and say "you're grandchild has arrived"! 

So I've been researching/begging for ways to bring this baby out. Patience is a reoccurring theme. Has anyone any idea where I might get some of this patience? I've searched Amazon and e-bay but it seems impossible to locate. 

Anyway. Here I am. 40 weeks and 3 days and just dying to finally meet the little person I made from scratch and cooked for the last 40 weeks. 

It feels like I'll be pregnant forever!

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