Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Preggos Hobby

So, as I have mentioned previously, I decided to take up knitting and crotcheting to keep me entertained and sitting still while I am cooking this Bambino.  My transition from trendy party girl to the youngest Nana Mc was completed today as I say crotcheting while drinking warm milk and honey and cinnamon. Yes people, it's official! I have turned into a granny!!! 

Anyway! I thought I would share some of my creations...

Can you see my swollen sausage toes?? Truly delightful!!!

This will be lovely for Easter.. Again,check out my sausage toes!

A hat to keep his / her head warm after the big push

Finally, this is to be used when Liverpool are playing! Hopefully the baby will be wrapped in this on Sunday to watch the Pool win! And also, one final glimpse at those tasty sausage toes!

Aren't I quiet the talent. If you have a baby in your life that you would like to wrap in wool, please let me know and I can whip you up a blanket, in the colour of your choice, in a jiffy! Just giver a cup of warm milk and honey and your golden!!! Thankfully, the Nana in me is still resisting the urge to go to bingo, so maybe all hope is not lost!!!!

I'm off now to feed the bump - I've a hankering for a sausage sandwich... Should put some socks on, it'll stop me thinking of Superquinn sausages!

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