Friday, 23 May 2014

6 weeks old

I can't believe that six weeks have passed since The Big Push! The time has flown and, if I am honest, the first 3 weeks have kind of failed to remain in my memory... The time has gone by in a blurr , but those first 3 weeks, I struggle to remember the details! 

I have always been a counter of my blessings. I don't sit and count them out on my fingers, but I do think of all the wonderful things and people in my life and am grateful. In the last six weeks the blessings I count are very different to pre-Holly times. For instance, I am very grateful for a good, reliable and working washing machine. My God! I have never in my life used my washing machine as much as I have since my daughter (ha! I have a daughter, it's still so weird to say it) came home. For such a little thing, she sure creates a mountain of washing! 

I am also always thankful for the days that she doesn't give a dirty nappy until Himself comes home. While I am less repulsed by her dirty nappies, given that
I made the arse that makes the dirt, I am still repulsed! 

I am grateful for 3 hour naps! Unlike pre-Holly days, those are not my 3 hour naps! They are, in fact, hers! Yes! When she sleeps for 3 hours straight I am in heaven! I get to do some of that mountainous washing, have a shower, brush my teeth, reply to a text. It's wonderful!

I appreciate the beauty of finishing a cup of tea! Oh do I regret all those cups that I chose to waste. I am pretty sure that my baby has a sixth sense that tingles, much like Spidey-senses but trigger when her mam sits down with a cuppa. 

I consider it a pretty good day when I get to prepare, cook and eat a meal and it's an excellent day when myself and Himself get to eat that meal together!

I have been for my six week check up. My Holly Dolly is thriving and I am returning to normal! So that means just one thing... I'm going back to weight watchers! Weigh day here I come

So Monday morning I will join back to my old class and get to work on my post baby body. Need to get a move on too cause I have feck all clothes to wear over this jelly belly of mine!!!

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