Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Warmest of Welcomes and back in control

I am back in control, or at least my beautiful daughter is allowing me to believe I have regained some semblance of control in one aspect of my life! This is because me and my Holly Dolly rejoined weight watchers on Saturday. Not that she needs to be watching her weight do anything but increase by the pounds, but the plan is that as she's increasing, I am decreasing!!! 

The Saturday class is a brilliant idea! I will see if I can continue on a Saturday, I may have to revisit my old Monday stomping grounds... Which is also a good class. Why? Well, Saturday is the night I am most likely to go out. Not that it matters to me these days, but all my working buddies go out of a Saturday so it means that attending a class on a Saturday,  I am more inclined to behave myself and then if, by some crazy means, my halio of goodness slips on said night out, I have a WHOLE week to repair the damage! Monday is equally as good because, judging from past experience, it makes me good all week to allow for slight over indulgence at the weekend. All this is said while forgetting that I have another means of keeping me on the straight and narrow - my daughter! I tend to forget sometimes that the aul social life isn't going to be as party heavy as it was 12 months ago!!!

Speaking of nights out.. I had my first proper, on the lash, night out on Saturday! I survived it. Firstly I actually managed to leave her without bursting into tears... Secondly, I got so giddy I could have had the night out without having a single drink and had a ball. But I did have a drink... I had many! It was fantastic! I drank and danced my little heart out! When I got home I slept I the spare room and was very proud of the control I displayed by not sneaking in and giving Holly a good nigh kiss! 

Sunday was rough.. I won't lie. I was wobbly on my hangover pins.. There was a scary moment I thought i may need to call the priest, but I was fine! Delighted with myself for not being too hungover and all I ate to get my through it was a magnum and a sausage... Success!!!

This is me ready to go out. You like the pose???

So! Me and my Dolly arrived to my class and my lovely weight watchers leader greeted us so warmly! It was like the prodigal son returning home. And then the same thing that happens every time me and my Dolly go anywhere happened... I got shoved aside and she took centre stage! Like I said before, my throne has been stolen, she is now the Queen of the World and the boss of everything!!! 

I am back on it! Simple start all the way and I am combining my comeback with a purge of all things gluten! My own Mama is coeliac. It's a condition she shares with  3 of her 4 sisters. For those that don't know, it's an allergy to gluten that has very unpleasant and often mortifying consequences.... Gluten is a protein found in bread, pasta, chocolate, flour - pretty much anything tasty. I have read so much, recently, about the effects of the slightest intolerance, I've decided to give it bash excluding it from my diet! It's relatively easy - just eat nothing processed... I don't know how long I'll last, considering I am only 3 days in and already accidentally ate one of my nanas scones! Delicious and not quite part of the simple start plan, but she's 86 and still baking, so I figure it won't be held against me!

Here's to a successful weight watching week... I'll keep you posted on weigh day

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