Monday, 20 April 2015

Motherhood has changed me...

Yes. It has changed me! I am not going to tell you about how much I love it and all that stuff. I am going to tell you how it has left my reputation as a party loving booze hound in feckin tatters on the floor. Tatters I tell you.

I headed off for a weekend away with all the ladies in my family, with the exception of the ones that couldn't make it and who were sorely missed.  Off I trotted full of excitement and enthusiasm for the party train I was planning on boarding.  And board that party train I did. Two days and two nights of drinking and shopping and all the fun and irresponsible things I used to love to do Pre - holly.  Such was my enthusiasm, that I ignored the party train drivers advice and refused to get off at the earlier stops resulting in me having the hangover of all hangovers. Oh my goodness.

I woke on Saturday morning with none of the bright eyed excitement of Friday morning. I did not have a clear view of fun and frolics.  Instead I awoke with bloodshot peepers and a gross view of the hotel toilet bowl I was currently clinging to for dear life. And, thus, was my day.  All day. And night and, the next day too. ..

My protests of having contracted my daughters bug fell on deaf ears and were met with cries of "that'll be the pink pussy shots you were doing".  I was informed that I am no longer a "Session Moth", I'm now just an "old moth"

To say that I am heartbroken to have been defeated in this way is an understatement.  My once legendary ability to drink you all under the table or die feckin trying apparently seeped out of me as I pushed that baby out.

Or, and I will maintain this until my Deathbed; I have a really bad tummy bug...

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