Friday, 26 June 2015

Mama and Papa Advice Required

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 I have been getting baby development updates from a website and it has advised that if we haven't stopped giving our Dolly a bottle by 14 months, we really need to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later to protect her little pearly whites.  I have her down to two bottles a day. She has one in the mornings and one going to bed at night.  The bedtime one is my main concern. Usually we go through her bedtime routine and put her to bed where we give her a bottle in her bed and sing her songs or read her stories or just have a chat with her. Then once the bottle is finished she goes to sleep and we take it away (replacing it with a soother of course, but one addiction at a time please!) 

I realise the bottle of milk isn't good for her to be having before going to bed without brushing her teeth. We have tried giving her a bottle and then putting her to bed, but lets just say that went down like a pooh sandwich and we paid dearly for our error that night. And I am weak. I caved in the next night and didn't persevere! 

So the advice I am looking for is this. Should I start weaning her off the bottles? Is she too young to do that? Should I just leave her to her own devices and let her come off the bottle naturally? She doesn't use it during the day or walk around with it and is capable of drinking from water bottles, sippy cups and normal cups. All the stuff I have read seems to apply to babies who are using it as a crutch but I would really like to find out what other Mama's and Papa's have done! 

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