Monday, 8 June 2015

New start in an old place

Today marked the first day that I have worked in over a year and a half.  The time to leave my happy Mama bubble arrived, and with it brought a new opportunity to rejoin an old company that I loved to work for.  It was fate, destiny, sheer blessed luck that the opportunity arose at the same time that I had decided it was time to return to the working world.

I spent my final employment free weekend lounging about, enjoying my daughter, mildly hungover from a little bit too much prosseco and taking advantage of the much loved 'cat nap' that will no longer be available to me.  Do I have regrets about my  time off work?

Well, yes. I regret not maximising my cat napping potential, that's for sure.  It is with great sadness that I look back on all those wasted nap times... great sadness indeed. I wish I had have spent more time enjoying my daughter instead of cleaning... bahahaha, I can just hear my husbands incredulous scoffing ringing in my ears. Cleaning. I think I did heavy housework a grand total of about 6 times. Housework isn't my strong point. Clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, clean sheets, but don't pick up anything, move any furniture or look under anything either. You will most likely find tumbleweed and a family or two of spiders. I am a firm believer and regular promoter of the 'out of sight out of mind' cleaning policy. I do wish I had have done one of them toddler and parent things.  They would have been great. And even though I had over a year and a half to find one to participate, I never bothered. Mainly because they were always around Holly's nap time. Partly because I'm not great with new people. I like my old comfy well worn in people. New ones don't always fit so well.

What I don't regret are my mornings in bed watching my little one feeding herself. Imagining how picture perfect we must look, lying in my bed, lovingly looking at one another - until she has enough of the bottle and flings it at my head while trying to show me, rather aggressively, where my eye is. Ah, our morning eye pokes and attempted nasal amputations, I will miss them.

My Dolly is loving being in crèche. Thankfully, she has settled in so well and is a happy little monkey. Has even said the word crèche more than once. She's a genius, but I'm holding off on getting her tested because the other day I walked into the kitchen to find her sitting in front of her reflection on the fridge door with two fingers up her nose and her leaning forward to lick herself - that sort of dashed any notions I was starting to get!

My first day in my new old job was quiet successful. I flew to London - the wee jet setter that I am.  It's nothing as glamourous as you imagine the jet setting life to be, and frankly, I think I would hate it. But as a novelty, sure it was lovely sitting in the airport waiting on the flight this morning, reading a trashy mag and drinking tea while slowly removing my Mama hat, dusting the cobwebs and spiders of my worker hat and screwing that bad boy to me.  The novelty of travelling has already worn off, 12 hours since it began. Why? I am currently trapped in London City Airport breathing the same stale air since 5.30pm waiting on a flight that has been delayed till 8pm. And I moan about Dublin Bus???

Speaking of Dublin Bus, today I learned that it's not just the smellies on buses and trains that like to sit beside me and stink up my personal space. Oh no! No! They find me on aeroplanes too. I had a gentleman, and I am playing pretty fast and loose with the term gentleman here, sitting beside me and I am unsure as to whether there was a smell of pooh off him because he didn't change his underwear or because he had a big bowl of it for his breakfast and has never encountered a tooth brush and / or mouthwash. Either way, it made for a pretty rancid 90 minutes flight. I was gasping for some fresh air by the time I disembarked that particular flight.

On the plus side, London results in a lot of waste line could enjoy this travel!

And so ends my synopses of my first day back in taxable employment.  I have missed it. I have enjoyed it and I am glad that I am leaving my baby in very capable hands for something that I want to do.

Now, I think I might get myself a delayed flight glass of vino!

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