Monday, 27 July 2015

All my tomorrow's are gone

I have finally run out of tomorrow's.  There are no more left. The time has arrived to grab the bull by the tubby horns and get my ass back to class!

Today I returned to weight watchers.

I finally ran out of excuses (just haven't the time/money/energy). I had been building myself up to going back the first week in August. I picked that date and decided I was sticking to it. But, me being me, also decided that every day between this and that would be my last supper of (insert unhealthy sugary fatty food here)...

I was getting out of control. Every meal was my last supper. At the rate I was going they would have had to call Dublin Zoo for a lend of their reinforced gigantic elephant weighing scales! Last Thursday, I am ashamed to say,  I ate 3 jam donuts. .. THREE! not all in one go, but definitely within a 12 hour period (am being very very generous with that time period here!)

Anyway! After a weekend of lovely food that I love, I decided that it was time to get back on the wagon before the bank holiday came and went and I was 100 stone and needed a forklift to get me out of my house.

So I am set. I have all my fruits and veggies and lunches for the next three days prepared and ready to go! Mason jar salads is what I've got going on this week! There's a spinach, goats cheese and parma ham salad with balsamic dressing,  a mango salsa with sweet chili prawns and noodles and a lovely tomato and basil orzo salad with parmesan cheese and spinach.

Big thanks to my wonderful leader Nicola who, as always, welcomed me back like a long lost friend and made me feel so good about making the decision to return to her fold!

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