Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Weigh Day: The Result

I haven't been to class in two weeks because of travelling and family life and, of course, excuses!  When I saw that my leader was off on her jolliers to Boston for a couple of days, I decided that I would give myself one more week to 'claw back' and secure a weight loss before going to my class. Then I remembered that it never works when I do that, and decided to get my backside in to face the music. And face it I did.  I went to class with no expectations. Mainly because I had a big weekend of beer and wine and very little actual working out. But I was good with food and even managed to avoid a large amount of the tricker treaters sweets! I found an amazing way of dealing with the sweets and treats lying around waiting on the dressed up little people, put it in a big pot and leave it on the door step with a note telling them to help themselves, thus avoiding me eating it and teaching the kiddies to be honest and have some self control - I was doing them the favour more than me!!! 

Anyway, I got up on the scales and was delighted to see that I had been doing something right since my last weigh in and was down 1.5lb! So one more pound and I am back to where I was three weeks ago before I started gaining. 

The class was very inspiring and it made me realise where I have been going wrong.  I had been so successful because I was tracking everything I ate. 24 / 7. And I had stopped doing that. Allowing myself to have a sneaky snickers or a crunchy crisp and then ignoring it.  

Novembers goals are in place: 
I want to loose 8lb by the end of the month 
If I bite it, I will write it 
Jillian Michaels 30 day shred 
Water Water Water 
And most importantly, a clean and shiny aura for the rest of the month!! 

I am all set for the coming days with my zero point soup made and my meals planned out. My wee slow cooker will be my savior I think!! 

Here's to an excellent week ahead!

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