Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hello! It's me again. It's a new year, so that can only mean one thing.. A new diet!! Yes! The start of a new year has enticed me back to trying to get that dream bod I am always going on about! 

It is actually the eve of the first day of Operation Transformation. I sign up tomorrow. It's 7 weeks long and I expect to be transformed into a svelte slinky yoke by the end of it - as always my expectations and goals are both realistic and achievable. I keep having to remind myself that to achieve what I have in my minds eye I'll need a lot more than a diet and exercise plan - more like a feckin scalpel, suction machine and an anesthetic!!!! 

I have spent a lot of time this evening talking myself in and out of going to this tomorrow. So I decided that the best way to commit is to blog about it!!! 

So on the eve of OT I ate a dirty big steak, chipper chips, garlic dip and a wispa. I reckon the scales will be broken by the time I hop off it! 

Here's to a new year and a new me... Vague sense of déjà Vu with that sentence!!! 

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