Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Motivation from the strangest place..

I have finally gotten the motivation I have been looking for to get myself moving and it's come from another rough night with my Dolly and, suprisingly, my smoke alarm... 

Between my baby screaming and my smoke alarm wailing through the night it's safe to say I woke up rather unrested this morning... It's hard to wake up too cross when you see that little face smiling at you, hard, but not impossible!!! 

While there is little point in being cross with a teething baby, the same can't be said for a caterwauling smoke alarm that screeches through the night for no apparent reason. Thankfully, I did begin to see the funny side when I remembered that friends episode were Phoebe beats the smoke alarm with a shoe!!! 

Sitting here this morning contemplating going back for a nap I realised that energy creates energy and if I want to feel better I would be wiser to get up off my backside and do something. So I turned to my old tormentor, Jillian Michaels, and had her kick my ass from my TV for 30 mins... And I feel much better for it! Off now to wake the napping baby and take her out for a walk!!!

While nosing around on the internet, I did find this poem by a guy called Daniel Lennax and it's called The Last Time. I'm not big into these "Parenthood is life changing" things, but it made me think that maybe some of my other mamas and papas out there are struggling with sleepless nights and it might put it all in perspective 

Happy Hump day 💕

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