Monday, 5 January 2015

This too shall pass

When good aul Ab Linclon uttered this phrase, its unlikely that he was referring to the ups and downs of parenthood, but I can honestly say that this phrase has got me through some pretty dodgy phases. As I sit here, breathing a sigh of relief that the Anti-Christ's meaner and more bad tempered sister is having a nap, I  utter this phrase over and over to myself and wonder if it is OK to crack open the warm bottle of Baileys that has been sitting in my utility room for the last 18 months?  Why Baileys? While it is not my tipple of choice on a normal day, it is the only tipple in the house that contains alcohol...

My beloved Anti-Christ is teething hard. She is a bag of cats. Thankfully, she can't move yet so it's easy enough to walk away from her safe in the knowledge that she doesn't know how to follow me. I know that this phase will pass us by and we will move on to something else within a week.

So, Operation Transformation... Well, the Anti-Christ decided that Friday night was the night that she would exercise her right to scream the house down for  hours and hours on end and keep me awake so as to ensure that she had a bit of company while screaming. It was a wonderful time for us both! As a result, when she eventually did go to sleep, it was late late late in the night which meant that when Himself tried to get me out of bed, my eyes were glued shut from exhaustion. I literally couldn't open them! It was like one of them almighty hangovers you get from mixing wine and a spirit. I felt like I was buried with 100 feet of earth on top of me. So he left me alone and I slept my head off and missed the first week.

When I eventually got up, I decided that I could no longer ignore the inevitable, so, like the frightened little Ostrich that I am, I pulled my head out of the sand and gently started the ascent onto the scales. I was pretty sure that the eating shame I had been partaking of all over Christmas was going to result in the loss of all my dignity and the gaining of about 20 stone! Thankfully, I actually only went up 4lb over Christmas, so that's ok - well, sort of!

I will be attending the group next weekend - sleepless night or not! And I think I will be heading out on my own to escape my Anti-Christ, I mean to go for a walk... eh, not escape anything!

A lovely friend of mine sent me on this picture from the olden days as thinspiration.  I was fifteen ...

All I can say is maybe I had to put on loads of weight to reduce the size of my ears... Thank God I grew into them bad boys!!!

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