Thursday, 7 May 2015

7 Questions you should ask yourself at the end of every day

Earlier today I was reading an article on about the seven questions we should ask ourselves at the end of every day. Here goes:

What did I learn today?

Today I  learnt two things; 

There is nothing quiet like a bum shuffling, no shoe wearing toddler to highlight just how clean your floors aren't.  My lovely little Dolly has a streak of not so white where she shuffles along the floor. Perhaps I should make more out of that investment in the Vax Steam mop which was made earlier in the year. Can I say that I am building her immune system?

I was already mildly aware of this, but when I have studying to do I can procrastinate like no bodies business.  In the hour my Dolly was having her afternoon nap I made pancakes for her to have for a snack, marinaded sliced up pieces of steak for an elaborate steak sandwich for our dinner and contemplated cleaning out the "mess press" in the kitchen that contains recipes, nail varnish, hen party bunny ears and who knows what other array of crap.

How do I feel?

I feel happy with a dull ache of anxiety at having procrastinated so much while my little Dolly was in bed this afternoon. Really should have made more of an effort to do that studying... 

How did I make others feel today?

Well now, to be fair, I haven't really asked anyone I dealt with but my guess is amazing. Yep. I reckon everyone that has encountered my happy face today feels amazing. What can I say, I am a ray of sunshine on a permanent basis.  I have spent time with two friends, a husband, three toddlers and new-ish born and spoke to a lady in Meteor customer care and I am positive that if you were to speak to any of the above they would confirm how amazing they felt in my presence.

What can I do better tomorrow?

I could probably make a bigger effort with the studying malarkay. And definitely try and make a dent on my odd job to do list (uh-oh... I sense some more procrastination, is that a fridge freezer that needs defrosting??)

What am I grateful for? 

I am grateful for a lot. My health, my husbands health, my daughters health, the friends and family that have been so amazing to me, especially since I became a mother and realised how important they all are, the sun (cause I'll get the feckin washing dry), having a cup of tea from start to finish with no interruptions this afternoon, calpol and nurofen. I have a lot to be very thankful for and I am always a "count your blessings" kind of gal.

How much stress did I experience today?

Considering I am parent to a "wobbler" (a toddler that's learning to walk, and boy oh boy is she a wobbler) I haven't experienced a lot of stress today. We had a dodgy moment when she had a fight with a bag that wouldn't open, but apart from that we were nice and relaxed today.

What made me smile?

Finishing that cup of tea. Seeing my Dolly playing with the other toddlers. Seeing my friends and having a go of the new-ish born baby. He did cause my womb to give a little thud of desire for another tenant, but then my Dolly start whinging at me and that silenced it.

So that was my day. Apparently, asking these questions every day will help us all to be more positive and optimistic and sure we could all do with a little more positivity and optimism in our lives right? 

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