Sunday, 10 May 2015

Toddlers... The Persistent Game Changers

Toddlers... For tiny humans, they sure can keep you on your toes. Every time I think I have this parenthood thing licked, my lovely little Dolly takes a look and her Mum and Dad and declares to her little toddler self "ha! Got the hang of me now have you? I'll show you!"and then bam! The game changes completely.

I didn't want to say anything, because the last time I verbalised it (or typed it) she up ended everything on me, but Holly had been sleeping from 7 to 7 for nearly two weeks straight.  Then, for another two weeks straight, she started to sleep 7 to 8! Oh my God. I couldn't believe my wonderful luck! It was amazing...

But as I have said many times "this too shall pass". And pass it has. For the last week she has decided that she will only sleep from 7.30pm until circa 9.30pm. She will proceed to scream the house down until she gets out of her room for ten minutes and given a top up of a bottle.  Then she will sleep till 11.30pm and scream and scream until she is in the bed beside me and her poor Dad is in the spare room. She has adopted his side of the bed, so much so that she pokes him in the face if he's in her spot. She will happily fall asleep beside until 6.30am have a bottle and go back to sleep at 7am until 10am.

Thus leading me to the conclusion that I do not, in fact, have this parenthood thing licked. The only thing I have licked is her feckin soother as I pick it up off the floor and "clean" the germs off it.

I liked to believe that it was I that had her under control, but I beginning to think that it is the other way around.  I also used to think I was the Queen of World and the Boss of Everything... But I now accepted that I have been ousted from my throne.

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