Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pass me a Soap Box - I need a rant

This evening has been a feckin disaster with my favourite tiny human.  As you are aware from previous posts, sleeping has been troublesome, to say the least, in the last number of days but we appear to be moving out of that phase and into a new more acceptable stage.  Until this evening that is. Until the local feckin Mr. Whippy Van came booting his way around the estate, blaring his out of tune theme song from Yankee Doodle or something stupid and frightened the shite (literally) out of the poor child. She had been out for the count and this feckin fool woke her at 8.30pm.

Now, I have a number of questions here. If your stupid music is so loud that it can be heard through noise cancelling triple glaze windows, do you think maybe it's too loud?

Also, it's the 13th May. What child is out on the road at 8.30pm on the 13th of May?

Furthermore, who is going to fling their front door wide open at 8.30pm on a chilly Wednesday evening declaring "Iscream, youscream, we all scream for icecream" and purchase 99's for their sleeping or about to sleep children?

It took us nearly two hours to settle the poor love back to sleep. Two flippin hours. I tell you, I'll give Mr Whippy a good feckin whippin if he bursts into this estate tomorrow night...

*I am aware that I sound like a grumpy old biddy...

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