Thursday, 8 October 2015

London Bound.... again

Yes! For the third time in as many weeks I am bound for London. The novelty of this travelling has well and truly worn off. Apart from hating the airport wait, my Dolly punishes me something cruel when I return to her. Last week, after three days away from her, myself and Himself went to pick her up from creche. In I walked, fully prepared for the onslaught of her aggressive brand of toddler love, only to be completely side stepped and ignored in favour of himself. The little rip wouldn't even come to me. It cut me deep!

The following morning, selflessly foregoing my Saturday lie on to spend some quality time with my Dolly, she had a stage three tantrum because I wasn't her bloody Daddy. So, in what was most definitely not a proud parenting moment, I resorted to bribery with food...

Then last night, while she was upset and needing comfort,  for the first time in her 18 months on this earth, she rejected my ample bosom - which is perfect for a little head to cuddle into, in favour of Himself 's hard and bosom - less man chest. Disgusted doesn't even cover it. I left them to it and had a little cry into my chamomile tea and crochet needle.

This working away malarkey is playing havoc with my position as my Dolly 's favourite person. It's not on at all. The only thing for it is to purchase her love and affection... I'll need a bigger suitcase coming home so that I can fit all the useless crap I'm gonna buy her to secure myself as top dog in her affection leagues.  Thankfully this is the last trip for a couple of weeks so I'm sure I'll have recovered well from the next round of rejection and punishment by then.  Anyone who thinks toddlers don't know what they are doing, needs to spend a of couple hours with mine to learn a thing or two! Lovely little rip that she is!!!

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