Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Week 11; The Result

Life is so busy at the moment.  When I got home from my class I was running around getting food prepared for the next couple of days, combating tantrums and licking my wounds. So I never got round to posting.

I was up 1.5lb. I am not going to lie, I was very disappointed.  I seem to be on a downward tragectery at the moment. Everything feels like it is up in the air with all the travelling I have been doing, and even as I type this, I know that I am just making excuses for myself. I am slowly regaining all that I have worked so hard for and it is frustrating.  When I am away, it's so hard to concentrate on what I am doing with regard to food.  It is all eating out, but, if I am totally honest, I am not making the best choices.  I know that I am so busy with work that I am not eating at the right times so that when it is time to sit down I am ordering the wrong things to fill the gap.  And I am emotional eating too. Which is never a good thing.  Being away from home and my family and the stress that causes is triggering emotional eating.

All of the above are just excuses, excuses, excuses!! I need to get my finger out and really make a fool proof plan for my up and coming trips... What do you think the likelihood is of me getting my jaw wired shut???

Even with all my excuses, there is one thing that hasn't changed, I want this.  I want  to be healthier and feel happier and in control.  I never want my daughter to learn self loathing from me.  I want her to learn that she is gorgeous no matter what size she is, and that as long as she's happy and healthy, then that's OK.

I have the week under control.  My slow cooker is working overtime this week and I love it! Chicken Korma for dinner. Prawns and Quinoa for lunch today.  Zero point soup made and packed with me for snacking on throughout the day and I have lunch prepared for tomorrow.

I am going to move more and eat less and just go back to basics and get this week kickstarted so that I loose what I have gained!

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