Friday, 25 July 2014

15 Weeks, 4lb down, a Teething Miracle and a Happy Birthday

That's a busy title isn't it? Well sure aren't I a busy woman!

My Holly Dolly is 15 weeks old today! Time is just zooming by on us! It'll be time for the Christmas countdown before we know it (aka 24 September, day after my happy birthday). My little Dolly is fantastic! We had her developmental check yesterday and sure she was amazeballs! Performed like a little dancing monkey for me! They tell me she's going to be tall... She may have a look of me, and my patience, and my temper, and my ability to sleep through an apocalypse, but she most certainly didn't get her height from me. Standing at an average 5 ft 4, I'm not exactly being put at the back of any group photos, or at least if I am, it's not because of my height! So I've decided that she's going to be a model. Not a thick one, one like Tyra Banks or Gisele what's her face. One that is clever and business savy. The type of model her mama could retire on! This is her fate. I'll be like Kris Jenner with my glass of wine and bossy head, living it up in a fancy pants house, dressed like lamb - despite being mutton! It'll be a wonderful life!

Now that I have my daughters future planned out, on to weight loss! I've lost 4lb! Delighted with myself. Some of the loss is down to a switch to a gluten free (for the most part anyway) diet. Also down to walking and I think not stressing about my jelly belly!!! Either way, I'm loosing and not gaining and not getting myself depressed in the mean time! And I have heart that in time, my world renowned model daughter will be able to pay for me to have liposuction and tummy tucks whenever there is a need. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

My little Dolly has been teething for a while now! Very advance for her age (even though she has no control over when her teeth come, I've decided to announce she's advanced). Anyway, I can't seem to keep the poor divil in dribblers! I must be going through about 20 a day! My washing is just bibs! I can't keep up with the demand. She hasn't been giving me any jip with them, apart from the endless washing of bibs, until last Saturday. Last Saturday the teeth started hurting her. Last Saturday, she cried for 12 hours, or so I am told. Because last Saturday I had fecked off to mayo with Himself  for a wedding. She was with her Nana and Grandad and it was no fun at all for them!

So I got on the World Wide Web and googled the bejaysus outta teething. And I got in touch with a couple of other mamas for advice. I was put onto a miracle! Amber necklaces / braclets. The amber apparently has anti inflammatory healing properties. So you pop this necklace on and leave it in contact with her skin until, well, forever. Or at least until her teeth all come up. They are design specially for babies and are safe to use. I personally won't leave her sleeping with it round her neck, I tie it to her ankle for naps and during the night - safety first! She's only got it on under a week and already I see a huge improvement! I'm down to ten bibs a day and the washing machine is getting a well deserved rest!

I got mine from a website Teething SOS. 

Finally, today is a happy birthday day to my wonderful husband! It's the 12th anniversary of his 21st birthday today. He is in work, but we have big birthday plans of staying in tonight and having cake! Then the zoo tomorrow, Holly's choice, and then a night away on Sunday. Our plans on Sunday are not our original plans. We had planned to spend Sunday celebrating with Friends in Low Places, while The Thunder Rolls, reminiscing about That Summer, and getting down at The Dance, and after all that spend a little bit of time Calling Baton Rouge. But the aul fecker cancelled on 400,000 of us so we had to alter our plans. The aul fecker... Now we will be staying in a fancy hotel and most likely sleeping our heads off from about 7pm!!!

Have a wonderful weekend peeps! I know I will

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