Thursday, 17 July 2014

Happiness Reigns Supreme

It does, it really does. Why, you may ask? Well! Last night, for the first time in her entire existence (and that actually includes while in the womb!) my little Holly Dolly slept from 12.15 to 7am! Waking once and being silenced by that beautiful, amazing gift from God, the soother (aka susu/dodie). I am like a new woman! 7 hours! 7 hours straight sleep and I was on duty! I only ever get 7 hours straight if Himself is on night and morning duty! The world is a brighter, lighter and less sleep deprived place! 

I've been asked for a while now if she's sleeping through the night - Inquisitve Person "Is she sleeping through the night?" "Eh, no, not yet"says I. "Oh right. Well mine slept through the night from (insert ridiculous age here)" replies Inquisitve Person, rather smugly. "Really" says I "well sure she's giving us 3-4 hours straight so can't complain". Then comes a look, followed by "well, have you tried (insert unrquested advice here)"

So now I can finally say, yes, yes she is sleeping though the night! She's amaaaazing! 

I do realise that, as punishment for my own smug delightedness, she will not sleep all night again until she's 21!

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