Sunday, 13 July 2014

Thought for Today

This is a picture of Bethany Frankel, think she may be a Real Housewife of Orange County, or something similar. She is wearing her 4 year olds pj's... I am torn!

One half of me sees this and thinks my Jaysus, how desperate must you be missus to post something like this? Desperate for attention and crying out for a good carb laden stew to give you a bit of meat on those bones! A woman in her 40's / 50's surely shouldn't fit into this. And if this poor divil is only in her 30's, then she needs that stew to shave a few years off her face as much as to put a few pounds on her bones.  

That is the part of me that wants to pass on a sensible, healthy, respectful body image to my daughter. I want her to eat well, exercise, see these things as part of normal life and not have to force herself to do it. 

Then there's the other half of me. The half that this kind of publicity feeds on. The part that's saying, feck your stew! That woman can fit comfortably into a four year olds pjs! Feck her haggard face! Who cares! She FITS INTO A FOUR YEAR OLDS PJs.. The only way I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting into anything belonging to a four year old is if the four year old owns a car that I can sit

So to sum up, it's inappropriate that this
Woman is wearing her 4 year olds pjs. But at the same time it induces envy and makes me wish I didn't like a good stew...

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