Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My first Mother's Day, Her first St. Patrick's Day

I had my first official Mother's Day on Sunday. I say official because last year my husband was very thoughtful and bought me flowers and a card from the Bump to wish me a happy Mother's Day. I was totes hormonal and, therefore, got totes emotes and cried my eyes out. But this year, I got woken with flowers and wine and cards and breakfast and cuddles on the outside. Which made a very welcome change from the foot that was lodged in my diaphragm last year, I can assure you of that! I even got a lie in this year! Last year, not so much...

It was a lovely day. It made me really think about how important it is to mind your Mammy and your Mammy-in-law too! This last year has made me so aware of what a tricky job it is to raise a tiny human and how much hard work my mother (and father) put in to make me into a presentable acceptable adult.  To be frank, I remember what a pain the backside I was, so I'm pretty lucky I didn't end up road kill and I pray every day that my daughter does not teach me a lesson my mother might like me to learn! We had a wonderful family dinner celebrating all the Mama's in my Dolly's life, me (her favourite), my own Mama, my Mama-in-Law and my Sister-in-Law all sat around enjoying wine (a little bit too much for me, if you get my drift) and having chats and laughs while the men minded the children and ensured that the wine glasses were nice and full.

Then we had Paddy's day.  This was a quiet one. No hangover (myself and the vino have fallen out again, we need a break from one another, as the old saying goes; absence makes the heart grow fonder), which was unusual for a week day Paddy's day. No chance of the pub with a little one in tow so we went to the park.  Not to knacker drink, but to actually go to the park and have a go of the swings.  Sadly, we were not the only parents to have this idea, what with the day that was in it, and there was a que for the swings, so I didn't get a go on them.  But Holly did, and she loved them! So swings are the way forward, and backward, and forward - you get it right?

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. And "The Grand Stretch" in the evenings makes me very excited about the summer and the fun that is to come. Also makes me think about maybe, just maybe, making a trip to that park for an aul walk. Like a real proper walk. That might motivate me into becoming more of a weight looser than a weight watcher... But I think I'll make sure that the motivation is here to stay, rather than just passing through, before I get into making all those promises I never seem to keep!!

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