Monday, 7 September 2015

The Weekly Result; This Roller coaster is only going up...

And by up, I mean the weight is just going down!I have lost another 2lb this week.  I'm not going to lie,  I got nervous hopping up on that scales because of the crazy sugar monster that took over my willpower earlier in the week. But all of my moving has paid off, because I lost another 2lb!I am 0.5lb off 10lb. That's a dress size! An almost dress size in 6 weeks! This has never ever happened in all the time I'm weight watching. I am so pleased.

And, to add some sugar free icing on top of my low fat weight watchers desert... I FINALLY fit into a guna  (dress) that has been laughing at me for over 18 months from the back of my wardrobe. And not just it zips fits, oh no, actual fits and is appropriate viewing for the general population! So, after 18 long months keeping my wardrobe warm, it will keep me warm for a night out on Friday night.

Here's to a great week to everyone!

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