Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Complete Body Fitness.... its not a lie

I am back from my first bootcamp with Complete Body fitness.  I am pooped... as I said earlier, I tried so hard to think of some valid reasons not to go - hayfever, sure I can't be in the pollen.  Ah but the class is in doors. In door's you say?  Sure aren't I allergic to dust! Eh, no your not.

I had an internal monologue such as the above for about 20 minutes. In fact I'd wager I burned half tonights calories just thinking of reasons not to go - such was the energy I put into it. Eventually I got up and went. Thankfully I was clever enough to avoid the couch altogether or I'd have never made it out.

I got to the class and felt all shy and unfit, as you do.  Especially when all these waif like ladies were hopping about the place. But, in all fairness, Alan the Complete Body Fitness boss, was really lovely and welcoming.  It also turns out that one of the waifs was really nice to me and buddied up with me to do the cuicuts. And she's being doing it for a year so here's hoping she was like me when she started out and I end up like her!!!

That's where all the nice stuff ends. 

Oh sweet devine baby jesus... thats what I kept saying over and over throughout the whole thing. And I am pretty sure that his clock and timers are wrong. There's no way that hour was a real hour.  It had to be some sort of vodoo hour cause it was long.

I was sweating in places I didn't even know I could sweat. My sweat was sweating.  At one point he told us to get a drink - I couldn't hear him over the sound of my blood pounding in my ears... at another point we had to sit on a trampoline holding our legs up and a weight at our chest. Lets just say if it wasn't a trampoline I don't think I'd have got up. I used the springs to get some momentum going to propel me to my feet!!

The class was good. Even if I do know that I will be hardly able to move tomorow.  Himself has promised to run me an ice bath tomorrow evening.  For the first time in my life that actually sounds delightful!

Here's to feeling the burn!!!!

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