Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Week 3 day 1

I have made an appointment to see the doctor.  The time has come. I have spent the last three days of this glorious heat wave hidden in doors, with curtains drawn and windows shut for fear of the outside getting in. I can literally see the pollen banging the door down demanding entry so that it can attack my senses! Sure I ran down to the bin this evening and I was covered in the feckin stuff.  Now as I go to bed I am sneezing, wheezing and snotting all over the place! Lets just say himself isn't seeing me at my most desirable!

So instead of taking advantage of this wonderful weather to go walking or even sitting on the balcony overdosing on Vitiman D, I sit inside like a snotty vampire. ..

Week 3 has gotten off to a good start.

The plan this week is to move more. Once I get my doc to hit me up with some decent anti histamines ill be laughing all the way around the park!!!

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