Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 1 - Weigh Day; The Results

It is weigh day. The week flew in. 

I have been quite apprehensive about this weigh in. Mainly banother skjnI am still in my WW head space and not entirely sure that I have this plan down.  Also because I went out for dinner on Friday night and all my good intentions went out the window the moment I sat my ass at the dinner table...

We went to a wonderful Thai Restaurant, Siam Thai. It is my all time favourite place to eat. The food is just gorgeous in it... I had planned to have something like boiled rice and stir fried vegetables. No starter. But you know what they say about the best laid plans? Willpower sneaks in and shoots them to hell, that's what happens!! I ended up ordering a starter, but I shared it with himself, which is most unlike me. I believe that food is much like underwear, never to be shared with anyone!  I ordered Beef in red wine sauce and boiled rice - at least I didn't go for the fried rice. But in all fairness, that was nothing to do with being Slimming World savy and more to do with the fact that there are peas in the fried rice and if there's one thing I hate more than sharing my food, it's peas in food.  It was totally worth it though. It's three days since I had that meal and I'm still thinking about it. Every pepper I have stir fried since makes me wanna go back there.

Saturday I was a little bit better. I had my wee Bestie call over to play guinea pig for me and my cooking skills. I made a quiche for lunch and then the Diet Coke Chicken for dinner.  Quiche is something I have never had, so needed her to be the judge on whether it was right or not.  Have to say, quiche is nice. Bit like baked scrambled eggs if you ask me, but nice all the same. Diet Coke Chicken is amazeballs. It's really tasty and very easy to make. My guinea pig headed off in to the night with a very happy and full tummy, and kindly left behind some flowers and (not so kindly) some chocolates which I have been force feeding to himself, give or take one or two!!

Himself is loving this new way of life because he is getting to taste all sorts of new things. For dinner on Sunday I made a duck stir fry.  Love a bit of duck I do, but man it's a b!tch to prepare. I got duck breasts and had to take the skin off.  There has got to be an easier way to skin a duck than how I did it.  Bloody hacked my hands to bits with a knife and then nearly stabbed myself in the foot with a scissors I tried to use (slippy hands = dropping scissors on to bare foot). Thankfully all my efforts were worth while cause it was delicious.

So how'd the weigh in go I hear you ask....

Well, I am delighted to report that I have lost 1.5lb this week!!! I Cant believe it. I have never eaten so much in my life.  And haven't had to miss out on things like chocolate and starters!!!

I'm feeling a lot more confident about surviving the wedding I am attending on Friday!

Here's to another skinny week!

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