Monday, 8 July 2013

Week 2 - Weigh Day

I think help is definitely required for tonight's weigh in.  As usual, all day long I'm feeling confident with what I have achieved, but as soon as I am a couple of hours away from getting up on TSC (the soul crusher) my nerves kick in, my confidence runs away screaming like horror film victim and I morf into Doubting Thomas.  Every glass of wine, bottle of beer and fizzy cola bottle that I consumed this weekend comes back to haunt me. And I mean every one of them...

I was at my cousin's wedding on Friday.  It was the first wedding I have been to since my own, exactly 3 months to the day! It was very exciting. Extra exciting because I remember how she felt at every stage. Plus, I am a fairly over excitable individual so my knowledge of how one feels the morning of ones wedding culminated in my being awake at 6am wondering if I could change my hair appointment to 8am.... It was a wonderful day. She was utterly gorgeous, as were her bridesmaids and the groom, of course! My cousin has a wonderful understated elegance about her at all times, and this was present in bucket loads on Friday.

Shame I can't say the same for her booze hound cousin... the booze hound being me. I really don't believe that I deserve the hangover I got from the wedding.  I was very well behaved, by usual standards anyway! I only had two glasses of wine with dinner, which I watered down with diet 7up.  And I stuck to beer the whole day.  I spent much of the night dodging another cousin of mine who has a tendency to lead me astray, the 'astray' path usually being copious amounts of Jagermeister, tequila, sambucca... you get the picture!  Regardless of my careful avoidance of this favourite of my cousins, I ended up with a hangover from hell.  I am pretty sure that this came from Satans Pandora's box of hangovers.  I lay on the ground at one point and pleaded for a bullet / rusty knife / bludgeon to the head - no one was kind enough to oblige.  But I was given a bag of fizzy cola bottles which helped immensely!

And to make matters worse, sure hadn't I only gone and opened my big bloody gob during the week and invited my in-laws and parents for dinner on Saturday. Oh sweet divine Jesus it nearly made me cry.  I swore to them all that the hangover was going to take me, so they might as well just go on ahead and order in something from the Chinese and if, by some small miracle of God I was still alive, order me a three in one! That was the plan... I went for a wee Nana nap, to see how things would go.  I awoke from the Nana nap possessed with a cooking power like no other! I made them roast potatoes, garlic potatoes, roasted carrots, green beans and two, yes you read that correctly, I said two, meats! They got roast beef and corn beef. And as if that was enough to tantalise their taste buds, I made gravy from scratch. Not a bisto jar in sight! I can only assume that my body decided to counteract the hangover by moving, constantly. And having a couple of glasses of wine...

Anyway, the point of this story is that I drank a lot and I ate a lot over the weekend and now I am in fear of the scales and what is going to be said to me!

Feckin should have learned from WW.... don't have your weigh day on a bloody Monday!

Wish me luck!

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