Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 3 - The Plan of Action

Ok! So apparently I need a kick in my sizeable backside to get my weight watching head back on straight! No point in paying Weight Watchers a tenner a week to just watch my weight increase now is there? 

Having gained 1lb instead of loosing it, I've had my ass kicked and have devised a plan... The goals for next week are;

Loose 1.5lb, complete 20k of walking and track everything I eat..


Exercise is a little bit on the tricky side still. I'm not fully back to fighting fitness, or whatever my pre-pregnancy equivalent was. But in saying that, there may be a chance, a very small minute chance, that I am using this as an excuse to do nothing at all. As I say, possibly a chance - not a guarantee!

I know myself that back pain can be helped by walking and strengthening my core muscles etc... So I am committing to walking a minimum of 20k and the 30 day squat challenge. I have knocked off 7k of my goal already! 

How to loose the 1.5lb?

Well, I'll begin by ridding the house of all baking parifinalia. All of it! I have no ingredients to go creating my downfall from scratch, so I am committing to NOT going out and purchasing any of the required ingredients for chocolate cake or similar. You would think that I wouldn't have to state that I won't go buying the stuff, but let's face it, I am willing to go to all the bother of baking a feckin cake to sabotage my efforts, so best to err on the side of caution!

Track It

I promise to track everything I put into my gob! Every last crumb that I eat. As the saying goes, bite it then write it!

Reward for goal achieved?

My aul eyebrows are starting to take on the look of black caterpillars crawling across my face. My reward for achieving my goals, and not feckin baking, is to get those bad boys tamed! And I need to have it done because I am attending a wedding on Sunday and I can't be going around looking like the evil Sargent from Police Academy;

If this image is not motivation enough, then I don't know what is!!!!

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