Friday, 27 June 2014

Weigh Day

It is weigh day again. I have not had the best week, mostly because it took me till Thursday to recover from Sundays wedding! My Jaysus but they omit some pretty vital information from them books! 4 days to recover from one all day event? Pre baby me would have laughed my head off, pulled up my drinking socks and had a fanny bomb for my self! Post baby? Gis a bowl a soup and something soft to rest for my over danced calves!!!!

Sunday was amazing! Myself and Himself left a Rachel and Himself shaped hole in the door, such was our eagerness to celebrate these nuptials! And also to have lunch and a pint in peace. Yes, I said a pint. Since Christmas Day I've been dying for a pint of Corrs! I mean sell your granny dying! So 10 weeks after the arrival of my Dolly I had a pint. And it was delicious! We had a great day. I danced the legs off myself! I was Irish dancing, back leaping and shimming around that dance floor like nobodies business! 

I have started and restarted this post a few times! My weigh in last week, after all my hard work, was an utter disappointment and has me awfully downhearted! It has made me realise how much of my mood is tied to how I feel about myself and, despite knowing I have only just had a baby, I don't feel great about myself. Which is a bit sad and something I need to fix! The aul insecurities are at an all time high, and the self esteem is a bit on the low side! 

But this week will be different. I will change my attitude and start the week by being a little bit nicer to myself and a lot less unkind! 

I shall keep you posted

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