Friday, 20 June 2014

Weigh Day Tomorrow

Another weigh day is nearly upon me! I set myself 3 goals this week;

Loose 1.5lb
Track everything I eat
Walk 20k

So far this week I have smashed one of those goals. I have walked the legs of myself and actually clocked up 26.7 kilometres so far! Naturally, the fabulous weather has made that an easy thing to do! I spent much of my week trotting along the coast line from malahide to portmarnock and back! I brought my Dolly to the beach for the first time. She wasn't all that impressed - that's gratitude for you! Mama sweating like a donkey in a sauna to bring her to the beach and all she could do was eat her fingers... 

Along with clocking up those kilometres, I have managed to amass an impressive amount of new freckles on my already freckle stained face... Despite slathering myself with an inch thickness of factor 50,that's right, factor 50 - my fair skin sizzles like bacon when greeted with any kind of sun, I still got a heap load of feckin freckles for my efforts... Here's hoping they don't add to the scales tomorrow! 

I wasn't very good at tracking... Not good at all. I'll be killed for this, but I couldn't find a pen! And with a 10 week old to distract me on a minute by minute basis, t'was hard to remember to write what I bit... But I did weigh everything. I didn't even cheat with my cheese! 

All in all, I am confident that I will loose my goal... I'll be very sad if I don't!

Fingers crossed for me, everyone think light thoughts in my honour

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