Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thought for Today - Staying on Track

I have to be totally honest, yesterday was a bit of a tough day, and for all my chat about not minding about the scales and feeling great regardless of what it said, I think I was a little bit more disappointed than I was letting on. Actually, a lot more disappointed. Like, a Malteaser Bar, 1 meringue nest, a Babybell Cheese and a packet of popcorn, disappointed - not all in one go mind! It was spaced over the day. I was hollow all day, nothing I ate could satisfy me, but it didn't stop me from eating let me tell you! I didn't get anywhere near my goal of 9,000 steps because I was in a 'can't be feckin arsed' kind of mood.

As my wonderful Hubby kindly pointed out to me, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was the wide load I call my ass (he didn't say that last bit, I did!). He knows that I have unrealistic expectations with food and exercise.  I am from the "eating well and moving more for one week will totes undo years of sitting on the couch making bad food choices" camp.

So today, despite a terrible nights sleep with the worst bedmate ever - my daughter, I have woken up with renewed positivity and am back to really believing in the benefits I am feeling. No more feeling sorry for myself! Yesterday's bad day will not be Monday's bad week!

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