Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Thought for Today - Fall in Love

I love a good inspirational quote! Can't beat them with a stick. They inspire me for about twenty seconds after reading them and then my mind moves on to something else, inspiration forgotten.

But I read this quote last night, and it has been ringing in my ears ever since.  My Weight Watchers class was very interesting. What I took away from it, apart from some amazing medical advice regarding dehydration, was that a lot of us in the Weight Watchers classes, or any slimming groups, are there because of how we feel about ourselves, as much as we are there to learn the right ways to become fit and healthy.  I have been so many years imagining how I would feel when I reach my goal weight. Visualising it and what I would say about how happy it has made me to achieve the goal.  But, after last night, I think that as well as working on my physical health, it is equally as important to work on my mental health and change those negative voices in my head that make me feel worthless.  There is no point in achieving all that I want to achieve if I still can't look in the mirror and love who is looking back at me.

So this weeks goals have increased by one, I will be nicer and kinder to myself I will not berate myself or be too hard on myself.

I think this is a goal that everyone should set for themselves every single day.. Just remind me, won't you?

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