Monday, 10 August 2015

Weigh Day - The Result

I'm not gonna lie kids, I was a nervous wreck coming to class this morning. It felt like that time I was in school and had been summonsed to the principals office because I had been caught writing dirty notes.... I was dying!

But I need not fear!  The soul crusher didn't crush me today. All the hard work these last two weeks have paid off, cause I lost 2lb! Yay! I'm delighted with life.  And even though it wouldn't have made a big difference to me to not loose, it has bolstered my confidence and given me a real boost to keep going into next week!

The goal next week is to continue with the moving. I am going to aim for 70,000 steps this week and I would like to loose 1lb.

Couldn't be happier starting my week this way!

Below is a pic of 1lb of fat... I lost 2 of those!

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